Hope not hate is Searchlight's campaign to counter racism and fascism in elections and beyond.

Over the past few years the British National Party has seriously contested council elections all over the country and now has 55 councillors at district/borough level. The BNP is now concentrating all its resources on the European election, in the hope of getting Nick Griffin elected to the European Parliament in the North West and possibly achieve MEPs in the West and East Midlands and Yorkshire and the Humber as well. Once there, they would link up with other European fascist parties, to gain international influence and, above all, funding beyond the BNP's dreams.

At Searchlight we want to make sure that people know the full story about who the BNP are and what they really stand for. The HOPE Not Hate website aims to do just that, serving the anti-fascist movement and providing up to date news, good practice and analysis.