The Right target George Soros ... and the people respond in defiance

HOPE not hate magazine March / April 2017 issue now out.

Nick Griffin launches a rabidly anti-semitic attack on George Soros

Investigation UKIP 2.0: The Patriotic Alliance

UKIP’s largest financial donor and Leave.EU founder Arron Banks launches “UKIP 2.0”, “The Patriotic Alliance” (PA), David Lawrence explains

Social Media Reacts to Westminster Attacks

Britain witnessed a horrific terror attack on 22 March when Khalid Masood, 52, ploughed a hired car through pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before ramming the gates of the Houses of Parliament and stabbing a policeman to death.

Budapest: Far right homeland

A growing number of far right leaders and activists are now basing themselves in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Situated at the crossroads of Europe, Victor Orbán’s right-wing rule provides the far right with a political security not found in most other European countries. HOPE not hate profiles the far right leaders currently hiding out in Budapest.

National Action goes to camp with shiny new flags

National Action (NA), the nazi “youth” group that, in December 2016, became the first far right group to be banned post-war, has not gone away and has no plans to do so writes Matthew Collins.

New international alt-right movement formed

A new international alt-right movement has been formed, bringing together far right groups from across the US and Europe. Simply called Altright, it merges the three main alt-right operations in the world and will have a major influence on the far right across North America and Europe.

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