One Day Without Us

HOPE not hate is today joining with dozens of other organisations to support A Day Without Us to celebrate the contribution migrants make to Britain.

Vilified by the media and scapegoated by many politicians, it's time we recognised and celebrated the economic, cultural and social contribution migrants make to Britain..

We have produced a short video recognising the contributions EU citizens have made to us. Please watch and the share it.

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A fortnight ago, after pressure from thousands of HOPE not hate supporters and others, the Government announcement that the status of EU citizens living in the UK will not change unless voted on by Parliament.

While this was an important concession, it is not enough.

Later this week we will be launching a campaign to pressure MPs to make a voluntary commitment that they won't ever vote for the forced removal of EU citizens.

But for now,please watch and share the video and together let's say thank you to the contribution EU citizens make to Britain.

Ask your MP to refuse the vote to remove EU citizens from the UK