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We Are The Many in Nottingham (Standing up for HOPE tour)

We have stood up to the EDL's attempts to exploit the Woolwich murder but we cannot be complacent. There are still too many who share their anti-Muslim hatred and we also need to start addressing the preachers of hate who inspired the killers. The BNP might be on the decline but we have UKIP using increasingly hostile anti-immigrant language.

HOPE not hate stands for more than just being "anti-EDL" or "anti-BNP". It is about offering a positive antidote to hate - it is about a value system that celebrates tolerance, equality, diversity and fairness. It is about offering HOPE. Does that work for you? If so, get involved

Over the next few weeks we are holding meetings across the country to give our supporters a chance to discuss the challenges we face - be that from the EDL, hate preachers or the rise of UKIP.

Please come along and help us build on the 'We Are The Many' campaign so we can develop positive initiatives that will make a real difference in local communities.

Host: Owen Jones
Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem's museum (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire)
Brewhouse Yard
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG1 6AD
Opposing UKIP: we could, but should we? Join the debate as to how HOPE not hate responds to the increasing presence of UKIP.

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