HOPE not hate

Let's refuse them a visa

Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP, Home Secretary

Dear Home Secretary,

We are writing to urge you to use the powers, at your disposal, to stop Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer from entering the country in order to speak at an English Defence League demonstration in Woolwich on Saturday 29th June. We believe that their ultimate objective is to incite hatred against all Muslims and the consequences of their very presence in the UK will give encouragement to racists and extremists, who seek to use the awful murder of Drummer Lee Rigby to further their hateful agenda.

Geller and Spencer are the most prominent anti-Muslim activists in the United States and their organisation, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, is widely considered a hate organisation. It recently placed adverts on the transport systems of several cities calling Muslims “savages”.

We believe that there is no place for such hate in the United Kingdom. The murder of Lee Rigby understandably shocked the nation but, despite some really awful incidents, British society has stood firm against extremism. But by holding a march and rally in Woolwich the EDL is attempting to whip up racism and hatred against all Muslims. Having Geller and Spencer speaking at their rally will only give them additional attention.

We believe in freedom of speech and the rights of people to hold and express different views. However, in a democracy there have to be limits on people abusing these freedoms to incite hatred and we believe that Geller and Spencer are seeking to do just that.

For the sake of community relations we hope you will use your powers to deny Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer entry into the UK.

Ruth, Nick and the HOPE not hate team

Refuse them a visa.