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Stand with Fatima and Gary

Stand with Fatima and Gary

Will you stand with me alongside Channel 4 News reporter Fatima Manji, and Match of the Day commentator Gary Lineker?

Both have been singled out for abuse by the press, and the far right, simply for their clothing & faith (Manji) and for speaking up for refugees & human dignity (Lineker).

This week the press regulator IPSO failed to take action against former Sun editor, Kelvin MacKenzie, over his criticism of Channel 4 News for letting Fatima Manji report on the Nice terror attacks in a hijab.

She quite rightly reacted to the ruling by saying it was now “open season” on Muslims.

And The Sun has today rounded on Gary Lineker for having the audacity to offer his support for refugees in Calais. In a front-page story, the paper echoes those on the far right – like EDL founder Stephen Lennon and UKIP – who have called on the BBC to sack the Match of the Day presenter.

HOPE not hate rejects these attempts to bully, abuse and silence these TV presenters and plans to stand in solidarity with them.

HOPE not hate is creating huge cards (6ft x 4ft) offering them our support which we will deliver to their employers next week.

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