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HOPE not Hate | The Great Get Together – host an event!

The Great Get Together

On 17-18 June, join us for a national celebration.

The Great Get Together is an opportunity for people to come together with friends, neighbours and perhaps even total strangers to celebrate what they have in common.

It will be held over the weekend of 17/18 June, the anniversary of the appalling murder of Labour MP Jo Cox and it will be an opportunity to celebrate everything she stood for.

HOPE not hate is delighted to be supporting The Great Get Together and so we are encouraging our supporters to host events in their communities. While we are backing the national initiative, we are also keen to promote an anti-racist element to this and use these events to bring divided and often ignored communities together.

In a world where the media usually focuses on the bad things that happen, let’s use this weekend as an opportunity to bring people together and celebrate what we have in common.

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